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Welcome to CycLogs the free website specifically designed for recording and analysing all your cycling statistics. Features include:

Home : This page shows overall user statistics, new users, latest postings from the CycLogs Users Yahoo Group and overall current leaders. The current leaderboard is based on total distance ridden in the current month.
Summary: User summary page showing statistics, analysis of recent rides, projections, current leaders and new users, as well as all pictures held for the current user.
Log - Calendar View : Enter, view and edit rides for the current or past months and years using the Calendar screen. Ride data recorded: date, distance, duration, route, ride type, bike, average speed, maximum speed, average heart rate, ride rating, comment, cost (ie equivalent motorised transport cost)
Log - List View : View details of all rides from any month, current or past, in date order using the month list view screen
Statistics : This page includes a dynamic query builder tool. This allows you to run customised queries against your ride data on an ad hoc basis. You may also save queries for re-use in the future.
Statistics : The results of any query may be downloaded to your local PC in CSV format to allow you to perform your own analyses on your ride data in Excel.
Graphs : View graphical analyses of your own and overall performance in pie, bar or line format.
Records: Shows your top 10 rides based on distance, duration and speed, by ride, day, week and month.
Overall Records : Shows the top 10 rides for all users, based on distance, duration and speed, by ride, day, week and month.
Maintenance : Record and update details of your bikes, routes and user profile. You may also upload pictures for each of your bikes and routes as well as for your user profile.
Leaders : Overall Leader Board shows how you are doing compared to other members. View can be ordered by distance, duration or speed and the period can be set to a specific month or year. View other user's profile pages from here.
Leaders : Overall leader board can also be grouped to show leaders by country
User Profile: From the Leaders page, view a profile summary (only for users with public profiles) showing summary statistics and pictures for the selected user.

"Very cool site, can't believe I didn't know about it"

"It's quite motivational (not quite reached, "obsessive" yet) as it is easy to recognise other folks who are at your level and pace yourself against them. It's also just been upgraded so the functionality gives you all you need for a pretty thorough training diary. Or just use it for a bit of fun."

"[CycLogs]... is really easy to use and is something which allows you to compare the mileage from successive weeks (and months) so that you can see how well you are improving. It also shows you how many miles other people are doing, which also helps - provided you don't get drawn into a fruitless competition with more experienced riders."

"CycLogs is ace!!!"

"Its so easy to use. 2.1 looks mint.

"[CycLogs] really good. The site is really easy to use and is free."

"Just logged on to CycLogs - very handy, nice and conscise."

"You should also check this article out about cycling betting."

"They are always open to suggestions for improvement"

"I'm very impressed with the client-responsive service they provide. If you haven't done so already, you should have a look at this site. It's very easy to use."

"Now it's back up and better than it was before!!!!! WWW.CYCLOGS.CO.UK !!! for me!!!"

"It can be very motivating if you happen to find someone of similar ability with whom you can, 'compete' for the most miles each month."

"[CycLogs] ... looks great, It's just what i've been looking for."

"Cyclogs turned me to the dark-side weeks ago."

"...a very useful (not to mention motivating and addictive) site"


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